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Measurement technolgoy from manufacturers like TESA, Mitutoyo, Helios Preisser, FORMAT

Calibration of measuring instruments and equipment

The regular verification and calibration of measuring instruments and equipment is not only prescribed in various guidelines and standards but is also an essential part of the quality assurance process. Even the smallest measurement error can have serious consequences.  

Our collaboration with Kalibrix GmbH enables us to provide a full package of calibration and repair services for your measuring and testing equipment. This includes:

  • dimensional measurement: length (hand-held measurement devices, reference gauges and standards)
  • mechanical test parameters: materials testing machines (force, length changes, hardness, impact resistance)
  • electrical test parameters: AC/DC current strength, voltage, resistance, frequency
Collaboration partner Kalibrix GmbH

Mobile calibration

Our technicians can provide on-site verification and calibration of fixed measurement and testing equipment. This includes:

  • optical measuring instruments (profile projectors, image processing systems)
  • electronic height gauges (Linear Hite, Digimar, TESA Hite, Sylvac)
  • roundness, roughness and contour measuring equipment
  • dial gauge testers
  • hardness testing devices, materials testing machines
  • production-integrated temperature sensors, heat furnaces and climate-controlled ovens
  • production-integrated sensor systems for pressure, force and torque
  • electrical measurement and testing equipment

Our accredited calibration trucks come almost as fully equipped as our permanent laboratory. And this service can minimise the amount of time that your measurement and testing equipment is absent from the production line.


We also carry out repairs to dimensional measuring equipment. We can repair almost any kind of display-type manual measuring instrument, regardless of the brand and manufacturer. With this service you get a detailed cost breakdown showing the necessary spare parts and an estimate of the work involved; we also provide a list price for a comparable new measuring instrument. This helps you to make a clear decision as to whether a repair or a new procurement is the most cost-effective option.

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