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Save costs and optimise processes – E-procurement

E-procurement for C-parts greatly simplifies administrative processes, as the order process is carried out locally by employees at their workplace, and the requestor and the purchaser are one and the same person. This minimises incorrect orders, transposition of numbers, and misrouted items, while shortening delivery times. By mapping the entire order transaction electronically, the payment process is also easier to monitor and check. This takes a considerable amount of strain out of the purchasing process and accelerates the course of procurement.

We provide comprehensive support in setting up your e-procurement system, including:

  • Advice on configuring a stock list
  • Integrating our software into your system
  • Entering the data
  • Training your employees
  • Assistance in incorporating other suppliers

Our eproc.III e-shop system is available in various expansion levels, depending on your wishes and requirements and can be integrated directly into your operational processes. We analyse your purchasing processes jointly with you, to enable us to classify your demands and propose the optimum solution for your needs.

  • Multiple supplier catalogue under a single user interface, integrating virtually all suppliers into the order management process
  • Connection to sap, for example with import of centrally stored order or budget limits from SAP
  • Connection to existing e-procurement systems via an OCI interface
  • Choice of data transmission by Edifact, e-mail, FTP or web services
  • Scalable: eproc.III grows with your requirements

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have further questions. Our experts for e-procurement solutions will be happy to be of service.

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