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Blumenbecker is one of the leading addresses in the field of industrial procurement management. We have been active on the procurement market for a large number of years, are familiar with all aspects of purchasing and procurement - whether for production or the office -, and have the necessary logistics readily available.   

C-parts procurement is of pre-eminent strategic importance and directly impacts on a company’s operating result.

Speeding-up the procurement processes is only one aspect of electronic C-parts management. It significantly reduces the burden on purchasing altogether.

A well-designed C-parts management system also triggers corresponding effects in materials management:

  • Purchasing cost savings
  • Optimisation of procurement processes
  • Enhanced transparency on the procurement market
  • Central controlling of purchasing
  • Procurement processes made altogether more efficient

In future, purchasing and procurement will take place more and more through this route. And whether a case of C-parts for production or purchasing for the office – one-stop procurement management is increasingly becoming the norm. But while there are many offers of this kind available on the market, what counts is the performance capability of the supplier.

With BMEcat, we use the standardized exchange format for catalogue data.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have further questions. Our experts for C-parts will be happy to be of service.

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