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Industriehandel at E/D/E ‘Branchentreff total’ in Leipzig

Fruitful conversations, new contacts made at industry event

E/D/E, Europe’s largest purchasing and marketing association, has been holding a trade fair for its 1,000 or so members at the Leipzig Trade Fair ground every two years for the last decade. Virtually all of the market segments represented attend.Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH was represented at this year’s gathering on 20 and 21 September by its managing director, Olaf Lingnau, representatives from central purchasing, staff from workplace safety clothing and equipment sales and machining sales staff, as well as a trainee who attended a programme of lectures and workshops.

The industry event is the perfect opportunity for networking: by planning ahead and booking appointments, it is possible to speak face to face with all the key people in a particular part of the market without having to travel far and wide, making arrangements individually each time.

The Blumenbecker representatives were very busy, meeting middle and senior-level decision makers from other E/D/E member companies, contracted suppliers and associates working with machine tools, factory equipment, construction machinery, fastening technology, building hardware, building services, tools and instruments, welding technology, occupational health and safety and technical retail.

In a full diary of individual meetings, they discussed existing business activities and set new ones in motion that will keep our business successful. Alongside the planned events and meetings, there were opportunities to mix and mingle, at which the Blumenbecker representatives met more people who may be involved with us in future.

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