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Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH is a technical trading company with currently 8 operating locations in Germany, plus other subsidiaries abroad. We track the requirements of the market and keep our strategies and policies under constant review.

Blumenbecker Industriebedarf is a classical full-range supplier, with specialised departments for industrial customers, small craft businesses and ambitious DIYers. Demand for our products comes primarily from the metalworking and metal processing industries, plus all areas of plant repair and maintenance.

Clearly defined sales areas in North Rhine-Westphalia and the whole of Germany are designed to support our targeted marketing strategy. We believe that our decentralised approach to sales and distribution, with named contact partners both in the office and in our field organisation, gives us a clear competitive advantage. For us, a centralised call centre or customer service system is not an option.

A workforce of over 100 people, working in-house and in the field organisation, is available to handle the daily procurement requirements of our highly valued customers. Today, the customers tend to purchase solutions, not simply products. Their need is always to have the right items, in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place. With our team of specialists - either for the products themselves or their distribution - we have all the capabilities needed to meet these requirements. And thanks to unique identification of the goods with electronic codes, we come as near as possible to consistently achieving the 0-error goal.

Wide-ranging services

Centred around the goods, we now also offer a wide range of services. These include, for instance, the ability to meet all requirements in the e-business field, including stock administration and goods issue systems, KanBan supply, order picking and packing, applications technology solutions, product demonstrations, product hire service, repair services, etc. 

In the E-PROCUREMENT sector, the primary focus is on process optimisation for the customers. Under our complete supply strategy, we act as a centralised supplier, eliminating your need to deal with a large number of individual suppliers. This offers the potential for considerable savings in the field of supplier relations, and also for harmonisation at article level. And aside from the processes, the pooling of demand also enables additional savings to be generated on the procurement side. Purchase orders / order confirmations / dispatch notices are exchanged electronically via edi.

In many cases, we also handle the master data management on behalf of our customers or show the customers’ own article numbers on our delivery notes, making identification not only faster for the customer, but above all simpler and more reliable.

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