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Welding technology from your expert partner - plasma cutting, autogenous technology or suction technology

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Blumenbecker Industriebedarf - your expert for industry and professional users

Our product range is structured into 12 product areas and comprises:

| Hand Tools | Technical Trading
| Precision Tools | Compressed Air / Pneumatics
| Measuring Tools | Power Tools
| Plant Fittings | Electrical Equipment
| Fastening Technology | Welding Equipment
| Work Safety | Stationary Metal Machining Tools

With qualified specialists for each product sector.

It is our aspiration to always have the market leader among our product range. In many areas, we pursue a clear 3-brand strategy. Alongside the leading manufacturer brand, we also offer our Format label brand and our BLUMENBECKER / WEST private brand products. As a result, we are able to cover all our customers’ product needs and quality expectations.

Customers are supplied through two possible channels: first, from our own central warehouse, from where over 600 deliveries are dispatched daily either by UPS, on board our own fleet of vehicles, or by other carriers.

And secondly, we have the possibility to send over 80,000 articles direct to our end-customers from the “electronic Logistics Centre”, or eLC for short, of our cooperation partner. This can be viewed as an additional distribution depot, with the possibility to check availability in real time via the Internet.

We decide on the basis of our customers’ requirements how to get the ordered goods to the place where they are needed in the speediest possible way.

Very nearly 5,000 customers already place their trust in us.

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